First Move

Hello, and welcome to King and Pawn.  This blog is intended to shed some light on the path of chess improvement, for both of us.  I’ll be writing about what I plan to do for improvement and why, what I actually end up doing, and what went entertainingly wrong.  Hopefully through conversations on this and the other chess improvement blogs we can help each other make progress.

Quick background on me:  I’m a husband and father to a fantastic 18 month old son (pawn), which definitely has an impact on my playing/study time.  My day job is as a software product manager for business and data analysis, and I live in London.

I play online as cdir, mostly on the ICC these days (1050 blitz and 1420 standard) and also on  I’ve just started in the Team 4545 League in the U1600 section, and will be writing about my experiences there.  It was good to go over the first game with my opponent, and hope that this will help make up for my inability to get to the local chess club on Thursday evenings.

See you on the path.


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