Lots of easy tactics

Empirical Rabbit is talking about starting on the Heisman-Bain path for tactics training, and has a great post explaining the direction he’s taking on it.

I’ve started on the same path, also inspired by Mr. Heisman. My internal debate though, is whether to go through the problems in the Bain book, or whether to use a custom problem set on chesstempo.com.

Bain PGN:
– guaranteed quality problems
– good balance of the different tactics
– strongly recommended as being the right level

– success/failure and time taken automatically tracked
– available from multiple machines
– ability to easily create lists of problems that were missed or took a long time to get.
– easy to shuffle/order the problems as desired.

I’ve been using Fritz 12 to go through the Bain PGN that I’ve got, but the lack of success/time tracking is killing me.  I’ve also tried to use ChessPositionTrainer 3, but the laggy interface and the way that getting the problem on the second or third try is marked as success was too painful as well.

Any recommendations on better software for tactics training if you’ve got your own PGN files?  Extra points for iPod/iPhone apps that I can use on the train commute.


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